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PPC Biggest & Best changes done in 2016

No Right-Side Ads in Google AdWords: In February, Google has stopped showing right side ads on Desktop but added one more spot for PPC advertiser above organic search.


AdWords Expanded Text Ads: Instead of one headline of 25 characters now we have two 30-character headlines & instead of two description line of 35 characters now we have one 80-character description line. Still the older version of text ad i.e. standard text ad will work

Local Search Ads: Google Maps is a powerful way to attract nearby customers. The local search ads will appear within the Google Maps app, on the Google Maps mobile, desktop, and tablet sites and on Google.com Expanded Maps results.

Responsive Display Ads: with URL, headline, description, and image, Google creates responsive display ads. These ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit in available ad spaces.

Demographic targeting for search campaigns: Along with launch of this feature we can target specific pages and genders & can bid accordingly in Search campaign.

AdWords Message Extensions: with Message extensions on mobile device, people can send a text message with just a tap

Display keyword targeting settings: gives advertisers, more control over exactly how their ads are targeted on the display network. With Audience setting your ads reach people likely to be interested in your keywords and with Content setting your ads are shown on websites or apps whose content is contextually relevant to your keywords.

Return of Device-Level Bidding: Now we can set device bid of mobile, desktop, and tablet mode independently.

January 30, 2022
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